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Buy, Lease, Rent, Automotive & Industrial Parts Washers
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Parts Washers

Manual/Auto & Water/Solvent Parts Washers

We provide a wide range of parts washers from solvent based to aqueous hot wash washers

You can rent, lease or buy any of our machines, we also offer maintenance contracts on the machines to keep them in the best working condition.

Only D-Grease gives you a wide choice of parts washer options, helping you to select the best parts washer for your needs.

Spray Gun Cleaners

Manual/Auto & Water/Solvent Spray Gun Cleaners

A D-Grease spray gun cleaning machine is an effective and affordable way for a paint shop to ensure that their spray gun washer is always in excellent condition.

D-Grease spray gun cleaners are leased by companies and include a maintenance contract. All of this is provided for a fixed monthly cost helping our customers budget evenly across the year.

Environmental Waste Collections

Services // Environmental
Waste Collections

We collect all types of hazardous waste and recycle what we can, we meet all the legal environmental requirements set out by the Environment Agency.

Service is not only limited to chemical waste as we also do paper recycling, cardboard recycling, plastic recycling, mixed recycling, metal recycling and wee collections.

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Recyclable Industrial Wipes

Services // Recyclable
Industrial Wipes

Our highly absorbent and exceptionally resistant wipes ensure a clean and efficient working environment, ideal for cleaning tools and processing equipment.

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